Case study

"The most immediate change is the relationships that have formed following the work, this is already leading to improved working and patient experience"

Neil Parsons, Strategic Business Manager
East Cornwall Pharmacy Interface

What does it achieve?

Prescription management is a common source of inefficiency and friction in the wider practice-pharmacy relationship. These frictions can sometimes be fairly obvious to both practice and pharmacy teams, but taking appropriate steps to reduce or eliminate them will often take a back seat. Our General Practice and Community Pharmacy Interface solution enables both practices and pharmacies to benefit from fewer clinician disruptions and increased productivity whilst providing an improved patient experience.

Who is this for?

Pharmacies are playing an increasingly important role in supporting general practice as a go-to resource for patients for both clinical and medicinal advice. This module is designed to help groups of pharmacies and practices make the most of NHS initiatives (such as new medication reviews) whilst optimising the skillsets of the individuals involved, minimising duplication and maximising efficiency.

How it works

Practices and pharmacies all have their own unique operational histories, processes and challenges. Xytal will organise exploratory sessions with both the community pharmacy and practice teams and key stakeholders that provide a thorough understanding of the current position. A subsequent session will bring the two groups together to facilitate the sharing of experiences and ideas, identify obstacles and concerns and then to generate and capture opportunities and suggestions that are mutually beneficial. Finally, a further joint session will then be held to agree and build a collaborative implementation plan to appropriate and realistic timescales.

For more information on the General Practice and Community Pharmacy Interface watch our video below.

General Practice and Community Pharmacy Interface

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