General Practice / Pharmacy Interface

Access Healthcare, Exeter, Devon


Specialising in providing services that support GP practices and groups or individuals who may struggle to access conventional NHS GP services, Access Healthcare operates six GP surgeries in Plymouth and Exeter. Over time, their network of practices and community pharmacies had become increasingly frustrated with how they were working together. As well as inefficiencies surrounding the monitoring and management of both acute and repeat medication, patients also frequently seemed to bounce between a practice and pharmacy without their problems being resolved efficiently.


Xytal in Action

Tasked with improving the operational relationship and processes in the practices and their local pharmacies, Xytal organised and hosted a series of workshops initially designed to gain a shared understanding of what a new and improved joint approach could look like. Current processes and procedures were mapped and analysed, and gaps and barriers to a new, ‘perfect practice’ approach were identified. We then facilitated a final session with all stakeholders from both the practice and pharmacy side, where a clear and identifiable action plan was agreed that could be measured and monitored by both teams.


Access Healthcare has benefited from rapidly enhanced multi-team working relationships that have led to ongoing improvements in patient experience.

Client Feedback

“The practice had been experiencing a number of ongoing issues with its prescribing processes and always doing it’s very best to sort out problems with prescriptions and the dispensing of medicines, although the practice had a good working relationship with the local pharmacies there didn’t appear to be a common understanding of the problems and how to solve them! The practice and local pharmacies decided to collaborate in a project to improve communication, improve prescribing and dispensing processes and more widely develop closer working relationships facilitated by Xytal.

Xytal brought the change management and improvement expertise and took all the stakeholders through a process improvement cycle culminating in detailed action plans that had been prioritised by the group. Without the leadership from Xytal and the time out to look at our processes we would not have collectively found time to deliver this programme. The most immediate change is the relationships that have formed following the work, this is already leading to improved working and patient experience.”

What our clients say
  • "Without the leadership from Xytal and the time out to look at our processes we would not have collectively found time to deliver this programme"