Case study

"I’ve witnessed some of the challenging patient scenarios that you’ve described in the training and I’ve seen staff fall into traps which is why we needed this training and why the skills training has been so useful"

Practice Manager
West London

What does it achieve?

Our Care Navigation and Enhanced Communication Skills programme has been created to support your practice to respond to increasing patient demand.

Who is this for?

Our programme is ideal for all patient facing staff as it creates an opportunity to understand the value of a person-centred conversation. The programme develops enhanced communication skills which will encourage patients to make an informed choice on how to best manage their own health and wellbeing with support and direction from staff.

How it works

The programme is a series of sessions to support you to:

  • PATIENTS - Manage increasing patient demand
  • PROCESS - Streamline your appointment booking process
  • PEOPLE - Support staff wellbeing, self-care and retention

How will it do that?

  • Introduce person-centred skills enabling staff to ask the right questions in the right way. This supports the patient to make the decision which is right for them.
  • Build confidence and understanding of the skills already available across your clinical and administrative teams. This enables patients to be signposted effectively and efficiently.
  • Understand how the additional reimbursed roles can increase patient access opportunities.
  • Introduce self-care strategies to support and build staff wellbeing and resilience.
  • Utilise quality improvement tools to improve the appointment booking process.

Programme Benefits:

How our programme maps to the HEE competency framework for care navigation


  • Care from the right person in the most appropriate way.
  • An equitable service enabled by a consistent team approach to booking appointments.


  • Reduced waiting times resulting from improved patient flow.
  • Clinicians practicing at the top of their licenses.


  • Increased job satisfaction for clinical and front-line staff, happier patients, happier work environment.
  • Improved staff wellbeing from a calmer working environment and self-care strategies.
  • Increased staff retention for the practice.
  • Improved patient/practice relationships to benefit patients, staff and the practice.

We can work with your team in person, or virtually if necessary.

We can create a bespoke solution to help with any particular issue your organisation is facing