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What does it achieve?

The Network Support Programme provides tailored support to help your network realise the benefits of working collaboratively with colleagues at scale, starting with the areas that will make the most impact. Best place to start if your clinical network is new, or you don’t know what you need to work on first.

Secondary care services are in the process of forming and developing clinical Networks across England. In response to recent challenges and local priorities networks are developing in different ways.

We provide tailored support to help clarify and implement our Imaging Network priorities and strategy so that you can realise the benefits of working collaboratively with colleagues at scale, across the areas that will make the most impact.

If requested, we can also provide intensive support for individual organisations.

Who is this for?

Clinical Network teams and leaders.

We support Networks and their leaders to work together to deliver both local and national objectives and therefore improved health outcomes for patients.

How it works

We start by working with organisations to understand where they are now and their work to date and their challenges and priorities. We then build an implementation plan with the constituent organisations to deliver the strategy at network, trust, and department level. We then support both strategy development, planning and implementation support as required.

The Network Support Programme consists of four sessions:

· A 90 minute Exploratory Session with the Network Lead to get to know your network and what you want to get out of the Programme.

· Two half day Diagnostic sessions with the whole Network Team to understand your key issues and concerns and understand what it is causing them.

· A half day Action Planning session to identify the things that will help your network and develop a clear plan to implement them.

Xytal can also provide follow up support. From team building, developing your strategy, aligning how you work or designing new ways of working. We can also provide intensive support for individual organisations.

Following the four sessions you will have:

· A ‘before and after’ programme assessment of how it feels now for your network team members to understand the impact of the Programme.

· An agreed list of issues and concerns, providing a thorough understanding by all members of your network.

· A prioritised list of the issues and concerns to focus on during the programme, enabling you to concentrate on the areas that matter most to you now.

· An analysis on what is causing your prioritised issues and concerns, so that you know that you are implementing solutions that are going to make a real difference.

· A clear action plan so you know exactly what needs to happen now and in the future.

· A report summarising your Network Support Programme journey so you have a record of your progress and what your future steps are.

To find out more, please email with your name, contact information, and the programme you are interested in.

We can create a bespoke solution to help with any particular issue your organisation is facing