Case study

"The research you carried out has been invaluable and has produced a consensus which will enable us to move forward"

Dr David Evans
Florence Road Surgery, London

What does it achieve?

The challenges facing the NHS have never been greater or the aspirations higher. Xytal has experience of working with over 1000 clinical teams supporting clinical leaders and managers to improve and deliver patient services.

We provide tailored Leadership Development programmes so that individuals and teams do not just survive but thrive now and in the future.

Who is this for?

Our programme is perfect for existing and aspiring leaders and managers who wish an introduction to the subject or who wish to improve their existing skills and experience.

At its core, a good leader is one who helps themselves and others to do the right things. With Radiology facing sustained and increasing pressure, our Leadership Programme has been developed in alignment with the wider NHS Long Term Plan and equips leaders and managers with the tools and techniques to influence and lead both individuals and teams. Participants will learn techniques that engender greater self-confidence and resilience and be able to harness the skills, experience, and potential of others throughout the department and beyond.

How it works

Available in-person (or virtual if required, or as a combination of the two), the programme consists of seven core modules and one-to-one coaching with a Xytal consultant.

Areas covered include:

  • Understanding “culture” and how to design and develop a culture of aspiration and success.
  • The challenges and human dimensions of change.
  • Managing team performance – holding others to account.
  • Team wellbeing - creating a well work environment.
  • Improvement coaching – understanding quality improvement methodologies and their role in leadership.

To find out more, please email with your name, contact information, and the programme you are interested in.

We can create a bespoke solution to help with any particular issue your organisation is facing