Case study

"The most immediate change is the relationships that have formed following the work, this is already leading to improved working and patient experience"

Neil Parsons, Strategic Business Manager
East Cornwall Pharmacy Interface

What does it achieve?

The continued growth and development of Primary Care Networks is bringing new challenges in all areas of these busy organisations. With lots to accomplish, it is not always clear what to do first or how to galvanise the whole group behind a set of common ideas and direction. Our Working in Harmony programme provides PCNs and ICSs with the structure, tools and roadmap to best develop and deliver these shared priorities.

Who is this for?

Rooted in experience and practicality, our programme is for PCN and ICS groups that are new to working closely together or who want to make sure that they get the best from their diverse teams in a positive and supportive way.

How it works

By creating protected time to address your unique challenges, build inter-practice collaboration and embed quality improvement tools and approaches, Xytal will facilitate a number of group sessions to provide an understanding of the current situation, to reflect on opportunities for improvement and to enable us to develop an implementation plan that fits all of the teams and organisations involved. Our goal is to enable PCNs and ICSs to improve patient experience and satisfaction and free up clinician time back to the practices whilst cutting down on unhelpful variation across practices and therefore reducing long-term costs.

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