Case study

"The research you carried out has been invaluable and has produced a consensus which will enable us to move forward"

Dr David Evans
Florence Road Surgery, London

What does it achieve?

This module enables the implementation of fully considered, best practice and successful strategies specifically for general practice teams. As well as providing clarity, confidence and a shared understanding of what teams should do and how, just as importantly the module also clarifies what teams should NOT be doing.

Who is this for?

Our Strategy Development programme is all about empowering general practice teams to design, develop and deliver appropriate, relevant and winning strategies. Maybe previous ‘one size fits all’ programs have not achieved the required outcomes and a new, more appropriate approach is needed? Perhaps a team has not worked together before and is seeking clarity on the best way forward? If these are the case, or strategy development is not something that has been properly examined before, then this programme will be a real benefit.

How it works

With solid foundations in techniques that are established, practical and primary care focussed, this programme is tailored to the teams needs within each individual practice, pharmacy or PCN. Various analysis and prioritisation tools are deployed in a series of Xytal-facilitated sessions to reach a joint understanding of a team’s current situation and their future challenges. These sessions also explore how individual team members feel, encouraging an open discussion around the current issues as well as concerns about potential barriers to progress. A clear understanding is then agreed of who is doing what, how and when, and a formal strategy can be implemented including how such activity is reported, maintained and managed.

We can create a bespoke solution to help with any particular issue your organisation is facing