Case study

"Our new 2 week wait process is so easy. Why have I not done this before? "

Dr Paul Cook
Carnon Downs Surgery, Cornwall

What does it achieve?

With general practice facing the challenges of increasing patient demand, an ageing population and patients with increasingly complex needs, many practices are under huge pressure to deliver effective and efficient patient services. Focussing on the core areas of processes, people, premises, financing and future-proofing, our Practice Diagnostic solution gives practices, PCNs and CCGs independent insight into a practice’s structure and operations, direct feedback and creation of a tailored development and implementation plan.

Who is this for?

Designed for primary care organisations who want to find ways to improve day-to-day delivery of services, our solution is also ideal for practices facing financial challenges or considering a merger; for PCNs wanting to increase efficiency through optimisation of resources and processes; and for CCGs needing support in dealing with practice performance concerns.

How it works

Over a 2-day period, we work on-site with key staff to undertake a detailed analysis of the practice in the following areas:

  • Partners, clinical & non-clinical staff details
  • Previous 2 years’ practice accounts
  • Last 12 months complaints log
  • Copies of minutes from recent meetings

We also observe the usual day-to-day working of practice staff and interview representatives from the practice team to gain insight into current issues, what works well and areas for improvement. Following completion of the 2 days, we provide immediate verbal feedback followed by a detailed written report and development plan.

We can create a bespoke solution to help with any particular issue your organisation is facing