Case study

"This programme has provided the evidence that putting the right people together- with enough time – can help solve complex problems"

GP Partner, Hereford

What does it achieve?

To get the most out of the PCN DES, it is vital that PCNs allocate enough time, resources and staff at the right time and in the right way. Our primary care delivery team works in close cooperation with PCNs to help them understand their own unique position, clarify their needs and to help them develop appropriate, optimised next-step strategies for on-going development within the annual DES contract lifecycle.

Who is this for?

Xytal’s solution provides tangible and practical benefits for PCNs that have signed up for the PCN DES. Decision making stakeholders who will benefit include PCN Clinical Directors, Primary Care Managers, Operations Managers/COO’s, Practice Managers, Senior Partners, Business and Strategy Mangers, ICS Commissioners and PCN Boards/Leadership Teams.

How it works

Our PCN DES Support solution is based around a series of interconnected modules that are designed to cover the elements in the DES that PCNs wish to focus on. We do appreciate that each PCN is different; some may choose to concentrate on individual modules, whilst others may choose to work through the programme as a whole. Modules include:

  • Workforce development and utilisation – analysis of existing demand and capacity vs contract delivery requirements and recruitment needs.
  • Estate planning – using Xytal’s unique space audit tools to review, plan and report on space and capacity requirements.
  • Communications planning – for staff, patients and all stakeholders.
  • Practice protocol development – covering the integration of ARRS staff and care navigation.
  • Leadership development and coaching – for PCN managers, Clinical Directors and the next generation of leaders.

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