Case study

"Believing in the fact that they can undertake change and implement new ways of working has given new confidence to the staff"

Practice Manager

What does it achieve?

Initiating and maintaining constructive and relevant dialogues that have clear, positive outcomes plays a big part in the running of an efficient and contented practice or network. Our Mediation and Negotiation Skills solution provides mechanisms and clarity surrounding what both individuals and teams need to do, together with an agreed and pragmatic plan for future development.

Who is this for?

Perfect for individuals or groups of individuals in general practice who have recognised that they are stuck in a rut of disagreement or misunderstanding, but who now want to take positive action to change this to allow them and their teams to improve and grow.

How it works

Xytal will arrange and facilitate a series of sessions to fully understand and agree the issues that specifically relate to an individual, team or practice. These sessions are designed to create a safe space where all voices can be heard equally, and where all opinions and inputs are treated with respect. Objective analysis of the feedback from these sessions is then undertaken, with particular focus on whether the views expressed are useful in determining next steps and future action, or whether they are in fact rooted in the past. An action plan and timescales are then agreed to enable all stakeholders to receive the maximum benefit moving forwards.

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