Case study

"Overall, this went really well; the course has been very useful in encouraging me and the team to use and benefit from the process"

Admin team member

What does it achieve?

Inefficient handling of clinical correspondence in general practice is one of the main problems that results in valuable clinical time being used up for admin and processing tasks. Xytal’s Clinical Correspondence Management solution is designed to safely and effectively divert up to 80% of correspondence from clinical to administrative staff, allowing each area to focus more on what they do best.

Who is this for?

One of our most requested solutions, Xytal’s Clinical Correspondence Management programme is ideal for practices and teams who are under pressure and stressed by the amount of clinical time consumed by correspondence, and who need to change the way it is managed.

How it works

Our Clinical Correspondence Management solution, refined over 3 years’ experience with dozens of practices, brings together your whole team to analyse and map out the following:

  • The current system and process - what happens today?
  • What a future process could look like and how to get from there
  • A new solution and process, clearly agreed amongst the whole team that is tailored to the specific needs of your practice
  • An implementation plan and timescales

We can create a bespoke solution to help with any particular issue your organisation is facing