Case study

"This programme has provided the evidence that putting the right people together - with enough time, can help solve complex problems "


What does it achieve?

Based on detailed feedback from clients throughout the UK, we have developed this programme to help emerging PCNs to fully understand what they can do, what their opportunities are and where the gaps may be in their delivery capability. An ideal complement to our ‘Strategy Development’ programme, PCNs will benefit from having a clear statement of intent; a matrix overview of required skills; and a detailed gap analysis that includes identification of roles and skills that are required.

Who is this for?

This programme is aimed squarely at PCNs who understand that to maximise operational efficiency and care quality, they need to employ a methodical and proven approach to the development of capacity and capability.

How it works

As a neutral resource and service partner, Xytal will arrange PCN-specific sessions that bring individuals and teams together, identify and prioritise opportunities and then work with individual practices within the PCN to establish how and where they can contribute to delivering this vision. Subsequent group sessions are then held at PCN level to share feedback and aspirations, and to finally create a clear and agreed implementation plan to appropriate and realistic timescales.

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