Developing care navigation skills across a reception team

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Fantastic work from Hannah to be featured in an NHS case study!

We’re incredibly proud to share that Hannah Price, one of our consultants, has received an award from NHSE for the work she has done in a practice.

Working with The Limes Medical Practice in Margate, Hannah spent time with the practice to improve the care navigation skills of their reception team to help them make the best use of the local services and reduce the pressure on their GPs. With a patient population of 17.5k and only three whole-time equivalent GPs, it was imperative that Hannah helped The Limes become as efficient as possible!

Hannah worked with The Limes to build up the 10-strong reception team’s level of knowledge and confidence in navigating patients toward appropriate care options by introducing protocols and navigation systems. This helped to centralise care navigation information to make it easier to access and share information between the team. Local patient services were created, mapped out and distributed to the reception team, and the staff were encouraged to ask questions to make the process even more effective.

Hannah also developed their onboarding process to help new reception staff get started quickly. Hannah’s work in developing the care navigation process has helped to reduce staff interruption. You can read the full case study here. You can also discover more about our Care Navigation and Enhanced Training Skills programme by visiting here.

Well done Hannah!

Before we made the changes, I used to get a lot of interruptions with basic questions, now I hardly get any.” “Encourage staff to get engaged early on, they have a lot of the answers already so will help find the solutions quicker.” Errol White, Assistant Practice Manager, The Limes Medical Practice