Working at scale

We help the practice understand the why and the how, realising the underlying aspirations and concerns to move forward.

The Situation

A group of practices in the London area had, after 6 months of monthly meetings, not made progress towards working at scale. Xytal were asked to facilitate a process to move things forward.


The Solution

A series of group, practice based and individual meetings to understand the underlying aspirations and concerns. The presence of a neutral skilled facilitator promoted honesty and confidentiality in discussions.

The Result

?5 practices with a combined list size of 51,000 are coming together as a “super-practice”.

Graphic 5 practices
Graphic 51 thousand coming together as a “super-practice”
What our clients say
  • "I didn’t think we had the time to do this, but we made the commitment and we are reaping the benefits."
  • “PGP is time bound, focused and rewarding.”