Clinical Correspondence

We provide a sequence of well tested process improvement interventions to deliver lasting beneficial change.

The Situation

In 2017 Xytal were commissioned by a Community Education Provider Network to deliver correspondence management training to 11 practices. The objectives were:

  1. Save clinical time
  2. Streamline the clinical correspondence process
  3. Provide experience of using quality improvement techniques
  4. Build capability around service improvement

The Solution

Xytal ran a program of 2 Group Learning Events and 2 practice visits using the following techniques:

  • PDSA (= Plan, Do, Study, Act) cycles
  • Process mapping
  • The model for improvement
  • Planning for success/ future state
  • Data collection, analysis and interpretation
  • Matching skill mix to action plans
  • Designing for sustainability

The Result

The programme resulted in an up to 87% reduction in correspondence reaching the GPs. This was accompanied by an understanding that these Quality Improvement techniques can be used in other areas of the practice.

Graphic Delivering correspondence management training to 11 practices
Graphic 87% reduction in correspondence reaching the GPs
What our clients say
  • “PGP has given us the headspace to come up with solutions. We have done so much and it has been so worthwhile.”
  • "Quick Start has provided us with an appreciation of what we all do. It has helped us consider how we use our time more effectively & value each other’s time."
  • “We are able to do this work because of you and the trust you bring to us.”