Mediation and Negotiation

A leading NHS CCG


Following a number of on-going operational and management challenges at one of their constituent PCNs, this leading CCG recognised that independent, professional help was needed to enable them to propose and agree a mutually acceptable and positive way forward.


Xytal in Action

Practice representatives within the CCG were struggling with existing, long-standing differences of opinion that were blocking any prospect of the group agreeing on how to progress, learn and improve. Having reached out to Xytal for help, our consultants worked jointly with the individuals involved, initially to gain consensus that the current state was undesirable and that positive change was now required.

We then worked hand in hand with individual CCG and PCN staff, offering a private, non-judgemental environment to encourage them to open up about their fears, aspirations and ideas. Having independently collated and analysed the acquired information and insights, we organised and hosted a group meeting in which the challenges and disagreements depersonalised and presented. The focus then switched to areas of agreement, of which there were many but had often been overlooked or ‘lost in translation’.


In full agreement with the PCN alongside a commitment to change from its individual team members, we created an action plan focussed on the delivery of proactive, discrete and properly considered actions rather than the previous series of emotionally charged, reactive decisions.

What our clients say
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