Clinical Correspondence Management

Kernow Health CEPN


With responsibility for the effective delivery of a wide range of primary care services at-scale in Cornwall, Kernow Health had become aware of inefficiencies and wasted time when processing clinical correspondence at their PCNs and practices. With correspondence volumes ever increasing, it was clear that a new approach to allocation and management was urgently required to make sure that the right individuals were handling the right information at the right time.


Xytal in Action

As a Community Education Provider, Kernow Health approached Xytal for help in formulating a solution to suit their specific needs. Our solution encompassed:

  • An initial group learning day to allow the practices to find out all about the aims and objectives of the programme, how it would achieve these goals and what involvement would be needed from each practice.
  • A series of practice visits by our consultants to allow us to fully understand what the current processes were, what would a ‘perfect future’ process look like and what would be needed to get from here to there.
  • A customised IT application to plot anticipated and subsequently realised efficiency benefits in each individual practice and to monitor progress towards the agreed targets.


Following a group meeting amongst the practices to swap ideas and compare note, feedback on the changes implemented was extremely positive. Practices reported that is addition to freeing up valuable and scarce clinician time, the new processes implemented had also opened their eyes to the value of investing in new staff and equipment to further improve both practice efficiency and patient experience.

What our clients say
  • “Everything about the course was excellent – I think all aspects were covered perfectly”
  • "Being made to feel at ease. Great being able to share ideas. I have been given skills to make changes"
  • “I’ve really valued having protected time to tackle this issue. The facilitator guiding process was invaluable”